New unique trawl design “THE WALL”

Tor-Net has now introduced and already started production of new trawl „The Wall“.  Unique features of this trawl are f.ex.  extended side panels of the standard trawl all the way forward to the trawl doors, closing the gap between the upper and lower sweeps to extend the trawl’s fishing area.  It was carefully tested in the flume tank at Hirtshals and has already been sold onboard wessels all over the world s.s. Iceland, Morocco, Pacific ocean etc.  „The Wall“ stops the fish from escaping sideways between the sweeplines, especially when the fish is steep.

We have now conventional side lines from a standard design and the side panels stretches all the way forward to the trawl doors, using the same mesh size as in the front sections of the gear and with the sweeplines effectively becoming extensions of the headline and footrope.

„The Wall“ version trawl extends the fishing area to the spread between the doors, instead of the distance between the trawl’s sidelines.  For instance the Tor-Net 1440 trawl generally fishes with a 130m horizontal opening and a spread between the doors of 200m, so this gives the trawl a fishing spread of an additional 70m.  Shooting and hauling is no problem at all, with the gear going straight up onto the net drum as usual.”

The new Tor-Net trawl „The Wall“ can be produced in any size, all trawls are tailor made for each customer according to it´s needs.

Low drag trawls
Tor-Net produces its own design of hex-mesh and diamond-mesh pelagic trawls in a variety of sizes to suit trawlers from ones with a relatively low power footprint to some of the largest factory vessels in the world operating in distant waters for extended periods.

Tor-Net pelagic trawls go through a constant program of development as we strive to come up with more effective and efficient fishing gear.  Whether deep water, shallow water or anywhere in between, Tor-Net has the very best design experience to offer.  With many decades of actual fishing experience and tests in flume tanks, Tor-Net will design the best trawlfor your needs.

The Tor-Net trawl filters very well incoming water and the fish can travel safely into the cod end.

Cod Ends
Tor-Net custom designs every cod end to the specifics of the vessel it is built for.  Tor-Net makes High-Flow cod ends which has extremely good result.  With High-Flow cod end there is not extra water in the cod end and the fish can travel without any resistance.   There is no back flow problems with Tor-Net cod ends.

The company also supplies a range of headline kites, sweep lines and other equipment including marine hardware, ropes, twine, netting and spare sections for trawls.

Quality materials
Tor-Net trawls are made of top quality materials from a selected group of suppliers.  Many of these materials have been developed in collaboration between Tor-Net and the producers and some are only produced for Tor-Net.

To keep quality high and maintain standards, we do not shop around from marginally lower prices, but stick to the suppliers we have built up a long relationship with and have confidence in.

By using only quality products and materials, Tor-Net trawls may last much longer than trawls made from many others.

Tailor made trawl
The design of every Tor-Net trawl is tailored to the fishing vessel so it can maintain optimal towing speed while trawling.  In many cases we meet up with the captain and the deck boss before and the trawl is designed to fulfill all the needs of each ship.  Tor-Net has produced a trawl of size 288 meters for ships around 500 horsepower up to 2304 meters for ships around 12.000 horsepower. With Victor Strange, former trawler deck boss and other Tor-Net people that are trained fishing gear technologists we have an exceptional blend of experience and expertise.